Stop the Mad Rush to Nowhere

Society is in a constant, endless RUSH and it is causing exhaustion, anxiety and depression to explode world-wide. But we aren’t meant to live this way! Our bodies aren’t meant to be stressed, exhausted and depleted long-term.

Why do I have to let my monkey-mind drag me around left, right, up, down, in circles? It’s exhausting! Making lists, obsessively checking to-do’s, to buys, to think abouts…it’s ENDLESS. I don’t even know if tomorrow will come but I am so engrossed in what it holds that I am not living in my present moment, which is very much real and existing and happening right now.

Stop making lists! Stop making irrelevant to-do’s! Stop putting notes in the calendar!!

So how do we take control of it? How do we calm our shit?

Stop the Mad Rush to Nowhere




Do what you LOVE.

For me that’s — > Yoga. Reading. Nature. Dog walking.

We don’t need to be doing all the time. We don’t need to be productive all the time. We can just BE. It’s ok to not get stuff done sometimes. It’s ok to not be focused on the stressors in life all the time.

What quality am I if not rested? When I am not rested I am not:









I am not at my best when exhausted. It’s my responsibility to take care of myself to keep myself operating at my full potential. Are you the same?

We need to remind ourselves that in those times we are so busy and things pass in a whirlwind, we are not living. We are not being. We are not experiencing. There is no grace in rushing and letting the world blow past us. We are doing ourselves a disservice.

Say it with me!

I need to BE.

I need to Experience.

I need to Live.

Start to feel the present moment. Start to notice how things you do affect how you feel. If it doesn’t feel good start planning how to change it. That is the only plan you should be making, a plan for improving your quality of life. Not what you need to get done on your lunch hour next Tuesday.

Breathe in: I am here right now

Breathe out: Everything is perfect and how it is meant to be in this moment

I keep living NOT in the moment. I keep getting lost in lists and plans and waiting for the moment “that’s done”. But more things keep coming because that is life. I need to learn patience, to live in the moment and accept the ebb and flow.

B R E A T H E.

Why would I want to be in a rush? To get to the end of what? Life will end one day and I’ll have blasted through it in such a rush. I need to slow down, relax, breathe, and feel.

A mini meditation for you:

Take your time. Breathe deeply and slowly. Focus on each word, visualize it flow in and out of your body.

Exhale tension.

Inhale peace.

Exhale frustration.

Inhale gentleness.

Exhale stiffness.

Inhale ease.

Exhale monkey mind.

What are you struggling with? What can’t you seem to get away from that is sucking your energy and time? How have you slowed down the mad rush in your life? We’d love to hear from you!

Much Love,


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