5 Things My First Year Of Motherhood Taught Me About Living Life Beautifully



Becoming a mother has been the hardest, most exhausting, humbling, wonderful amazing beautiful experience of my life. It has changed me in so many good ways; slowed me down, taught me patience, taught me compassion for other parents, and now I try to see the world with child-like eyes. Everything is more beautiful and magical and inspiring; it has breathed new life into my adult existence.

Today I’d like to share with you some of the best things my first year of motherhood has taught me. All the sleepless nights are worth the wisdom 🙂

| Self-imposed timelines and goals are soul sucking if they don’t allow for peace and a gentle heart.   Forcing yourself to achieve something “important” because you feel this imaginary ticking clock isn’t going to serve your greater good, and you’re setting yourself up for failure. I put so much pressure on myself to get things done and tick off my to do list and better myself, and completely lost sight of the most important job I’d been given – nurturing this sweet little human being. Allow yourself to step back and put things on pause at certain times in life, and remember that society doesn’t determine your value or level of success. Use your heart as the gauge!

| It is OK to just BE. Hand in hand with the point above, and vital for new moms and anyone seeking contentment. Give yourself permission to just sit on the couch loving on your little one. You’re allowed to celebrate the fact that all you accomplished was a shower and washing some dishes. Just be in the moment, appreciate the blessings in your life, and breathe deep. The pursuit of busyness is not fulfilling and takes away from the beautiful moment you’re living in right now.

| Moments spent with loved ones are so much more valuable than that extra 20 minutes on social media. Cleanse yourself of things that don’t serve you. I love the idea of pruning – cutting off the branches that don’t bear fruit. Social media and binge watching TV only takes from my mental well-being, I didn’t realize how distracting it was or how lazy it was making me. Even the TV being on in the background was seriously sucking away peace of mind. Reducing my exposure has made my days so peaceful and I am so much more mindful of my interactions with my son. There is value to every moment we live so don’t waste it mindlessly.

| Joy isn’t found in all the stuff. I am a self-diagnosed “obsessive perfectionist” and one big way this manifests is in trying to create an orderly Pinterest perfect home, and when I’m falling down that rabbit hole I feel unbalanced and consumed by the desire to get more “things”.  These curtains would make the room look nicer, this picture would be more boho … on and on it goes! Not only does it drive my husband crazy (he gets a gold star for his patience dealing with me!), but the thing about those Pinterest homes is that they don’t portray the reality of a truly lived in home. When I get into this headspace I have to surrender myself with a reminder that we are so blessed to have more than so many people in the world and anything that could be lacking is made up for with the beautiful love our little family shares. I’d never want to trade my messy home full of love and toddler toys and dog hair for that Pinterest pic.

| Patience really is a virtue. Slow down and get mindful about every action. I am constantly trying to rush through my to do lists just to get them cleared off, but more things get added and then I get into a vicious cycle of rushing, crossing off, adding, rushing. It is exhausting, keeps me living in the future instead of in the moment, and takes away any enjoyment I am supposed to get from doing the tasks. And what is the point of doing things if they can’t be enjoyed? Embodying a patient heart is a powerful tool for living mindfully in the moment and cherishing it.


Do you struggle with or resist any of these? Or has raising a child turned your expectations on their head? Comment below or on Facebook and let us know, we’d love to hear!
Much love,



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