I’m Back! Plus 5 things my first year of motherhood taught me about living life beautifully

robyn post

It has been a very long time since I’ve written to you friends!  A lot has changed in my world and I’m eager/scared to get back into posting regularly.  Eager because sharing and communicating with you really lights me up; scared because I’m trying to push my personal boundaries and get uncomfortable, which putting myself “out there” more intimately definitely makes me. Cheers to facing fears!

It’s been a good two years since I wrote for this blog. (Alyssa has been rocking it for us in the meantime!) I felt like a failure when, after preaching how to conquer mental illness, it consumed me wholly and completely, dragging me down to its depths. Time off work and medication didn’t do the trick, the exhaustion overpowered my will and desire to pursue healing, and I gave in to the darkness, settling in defeated.  I felt like I’d failed myself and the people I was hoping to inspire.

But hindsight is seriously 20/20 guys! Skip over a very rough pregnancy, a preemie baby, 11 months of sleep deprivation, and 3 months of crawling back to sanity and here we are now.

Whole, light, happy, good vibes only!

It has not been easy and there’s been a ton of uncomfortable soul work done, willpower exercised, and a health overhaul put into action, but my body and mind are finally settling into a place of harmony, ease and enjoyment. Depression still lingers in the form of nagging tiredness, and hey it may always be something I experience in my body, but it does not define who I am or control how I live.

Having any mental illness does NOT make you less than, unworthy, or unwanted!

You are still whole, glorious and worthy my friends. You are especially worthy of feeling good, and I hope some of what we share here can help you get there.

I’ll be sharing what I’ve learnt in the past 2 years and the work I’ve been doing in upcoming posts, and we’ll hear from Alyssa too on all things ethical consumerism simple living awesomeness.

To all the new followers, welcome to our online home of all things wellness and simple beautiful living. We hope you will find inspiration, encouragement and a sense of community here. Our hearts and inboxes are open dear friends!

And a mini bonus to get things rolling: 5 things my first year of motherhood taught me about living life beautifully can be found here. Sweet nuggets o’wisdom!

Much love,



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