About Alyssa

Hello Lovelies, so excited to have you here in our little corner of net! I’m Alyssa, and I live in beautiful Ontario, Canada with my handsome partner and his two sons. We share our home with our fur babies… a border collie mix and an ex-feral barn cat turned pampered house pet.

A Bit About Me:

// I’m an outgoing introvert. I can turn it on and appear to be an extrovert in social situations, but it’s taxing and temporary. I need a significant amount of “me time” in order to recharge and be my best.

// I’m passionate about sharing the concepts of conservation, minimalism and conscious consumerism with interested people.

// I’m also passionate about learning how to live in a sustainable manner. I want to be a part of the solution, not a passive observer of the continued destruction of our planet.

What Lights Me Up?

// Time spent on horseback – nothing grounds me and puts me in the moment like connecting with an animal nearly ten times my size and moving as one.

//Travel, travel, travel! Seeing new places is one of my greatest joys. I haven’t been everywhere but it’s on my list…

// Watching my boyfriend greet the dog when he comes home work. I’m second fiddle, seriously, she has to get her fill of “lovin’s” as soon as he walks in the door. It warms my heart.

// The occasional adrenaline rush. I love pushing my limits further and further and doing things that scare me. Things like bungee jumping, sky diving and cage diving with Great White sharks.

// Canoeing & backwoods camping – fresh air, clear water, wildlife and nature… there’s something magical about disappearing into a National Park with nothing more than what you can pack in your canoe. I haven’t done it in years but this coming summer I plan to change that.

// Soul fueled talks about life and love with my bestie and biz partner, Robyn!

Fun Facts:

// I was born way up in Northern Canada in the beautiful Yukon Territory. Bordering Alaska it’s a place of extreme winter and extreme beauty. I have actually been to a sled dog race.

// I have a rescued Arabian horse. She hadn’t been handled in several years, was spooky and untrusting and blind one eye. With love she’s blossomed into a social, loving and trustworthy riding partner. She lives at my mom’s place with her miniature horse, Montana. They are the best of friends 🙂

// I have a tattoo on my wrist as a symbol of my first solo travel adventure, how it changed me and the impact it had on my perspective.