About Robyn

Hello lovelies, so nice to meet you! I’m Robyn, and I live in beautiful Alberta Canada with my husband and our new baby boy.

We also share our home with three rescued fur babies (two dogs, one cat), Jack, Roxie & Scotch Moonbeam.

A Bit About Me:

// I am a 100% textbook introvert. It’s my top trait, my secret weapon, my pride and joy.

// I’m passionate to the moon and back about my family, my dogs, my future, protecting our planet, organic eating & spreading love

// I’m an anxiety and depression conqueror. I currently write about mental health at http://www.vibrantlivesstories.com

What Lights Me Up?

// Yoga – nothing grounds, balances and heals me more than time spent on my mat.

// Mountain biking, snowboarding & paddle boarding – fresh air, exhilaration, finding hidden gems in nature, pushing my physical limits.

// Watching my dogs pure uninhibited joy when they get to put their heads out the car window and when they find water to swim in. The simple things in life 🙂

// Camping in the mountains – hiking, campfires, crisp air and a view of the stars

//Travel travel travel! Experiencing new places and cultures built the foundation of who I am.

// Driving with the windows down, sunroof open and music blasting on gorgeous summer days.

// Time spent with family, always.

// Interior design & renovations (well not the hard work part of it!). I could spend endless hours planning visually inspiring interiors, and am prepping to renovate my 2nd home.

// Soul fueled talks about life with my bestie & now biz partner Alyssa!

Fun Facts:

// I have 2 webbed toes on both my feet, but no they don’t make me a stronger swimmer.

// I have dual citizenship with Canada and Sweden and am obsessed with all things Scandinavian.

// I am a professionally trained dog groomer.

// I have 8 tattoos and a few more planned. I love getting inked!

// I can’t sing. Like at all. Completely tone deaf.