What is Oak & Soul?

This is a place to encourage your mindful side AND your adventurous side. We want to inspire simplified, sustainable living. We want to fire up your wanderlust and help you prioritize adding some travel and excitement to your life. We want to help you find balance.

So who are we?

We are Robyn and Alyssa, a duo of two lifelong best friends living on opposite sides of Canada, sharing a passion for all things wild and free.

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Both of us have spent years soul searching, draining our energies in unfulfilling jobs, fumbling with the concept of self-love and self-worth, and juggling the demands of early adulthood. We now speak to you as (slightly wiser) women, with a degree of experience in living real life. We live from a place of self love, authenticity and true, honest to goodness happiness. This is what we want to project into the world for others to experience.

We want to share with you…

// The concepts of minimalism and intentional living.

// An appreciation for moments and experiences, not things.

// Our love of Mother Earth and our commitment to keeping her (and all the life upon her) healthy and thriving for future generations.

// Our adventures and travels, experiencing new places and cultures and becoming global citizens.

// Our pursuit of a natural, organic lifestyle. We’re not going to kid you, we’re far from perfect but we’re trying. We’re taking it one step, one habit, one harmful product at a time. We’ll be sharing our journey and reminding you that it’s about progress NOT perfection.

// Our passion for learning about fair trade, sustainable, eco friendly and ethically produced products. We’ll be sharing our efforts to understand what those buzz words truly mean when it comes to choosing our consumer products.

// Some behind the scenes look at our handmade, bohemian inspired jewellery & home decor creations. We make our pieces using primarily reclaimed, upcycled and sustainable materials. We are planning to launch our shop on Etsy in the Fall of 2016.

// Our love for our animals. We figure that you probably have a soft spot for a furry friend or two as well. Expect to find the occasional post geared towards your pets healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We want you to feel beautiful, inspired, creative, healthy and full of love. It’s why we do what we do… to share with you the love we feel for life, so you can feel it too. Life is beautiful, make the most of it.

Much Love,

Alyssa & Robyn

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