Introvert Ideal Part 1 – It’s Time to Thrive

Hello Lovely!

Today I want to share with you Part 1 of my Introverted series. This is something I’m really passionate about and it’s also something I’ve struggled with my entire 27 years on this earth.

My dream – to help others to own their introverted nature and thrive in it – not feel how I did growing up.

Research shows that babies destined to be introverts are often far more noisy and animated than wee baby extroverts. That explains a lot, since my dad says I screamed and cried my way through adolescence, and I’m about as introverted as they get!

Growing up I had so many key traits of an introverted personality but didn’t realize they had a name; all I knew was that I was different, awkward and lonely.

So what is an introvert, actually?

Introvert Ideal I

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Where Does THAT Come From?

Hello Lovelies!

I want to talk a little about a simple question that I’ve started to ask myself more and more lately.

Where does THAT come from?

Whether it’s my clothing, my personal care products, or the food in my refrigerator… Where does THAT come from?

As consumers we’ve become very isolated from the production process of almost everything we buy. We see the end product but we don’t see how it was manufactured, grown or raised. It’s easier not to ask “Where does THAT come from” because, often, even the most innocuous items have ugly histories or environmental consequences.

Where's That Come From

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Facing The Digital Addiction – Time to Unplug and Restore

Hello Lovelies!

Something happened to me recently that forced me to confront a controlling addiction.

No, it’s not alcohol.

Or drugs.

Or sex.

Or food.

It’s technology.

I am finally forced to face the fact that I have a debilitating reliance on electronic connection. My iPhone rarely leaves my hand, but steals more than it provides. It is a crutch for my introversion, allowing me a false sense of connection with others. It is a black hole, fuelled by my desire to interact, giving a dishonest feeling of community. It allows me to hide, eyes fixed on a screen, evasive of acknowledging my fellow human beings in the flesh. It gives me escape from social pressures at gatherings.

It is a thief, this connectivity.

Facing the Digital Addiction

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Air Travel Sucks! How to Keep Your Sanity at The Airport

Hello Lovelies!

I love traveling, but I am not a fan of airports, planes or anything to do with flying. I view the whole process of getting from point A to point B as an annoying but necessary evil. With long lines at security, hours of waiting for delayed flights, cramped quarters and continual cutbacks on comforts like leg room and in flight entertainment… flying is a real pain!

While I’m grateful for the fact that modern air travel has opened up the world to everyday travelers like me, I find the experience uncomfortable and stressful overall. Can you relate?

Today I want to share my best strategies for keeping your sanity and staying as comfortable as possible all the way from check in to baggage claim.

Let’s jump right in shall we?

Air Travel Sucks

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Can You Be a Minimalist and Still Love Beautiful Things? YES!

Hello Lovelies!

Here at Oak & Soul we believe in the power of simplicity. We believe that possessions do not form the foundation of our happiness and that our worth is not determined by the clothes we wear or the cars we drive. We’re certainly not alone, the concept of minimalism is becoming more discussed and prioritized but it’s still very much a countercultural viewpoint.

Why is this?  Why don’t more people see the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle? 

We live in a consumerist culture that absolutely overwhelms us with marketing messages and hype urging us to buy one thing or another. Companies are constantly trying to convince us that our problems can be solved with the simple action of forking over a few dollars. Not pretty enough? Smart enough? Outgoing, thin or stylish enough? Successful enough? There is no crisis of identity or confidence that can’t be resolved with the swipe of a credit card.

Of course on some level we realize that it’s all hype, but here’s the thing… the acquisition of something new usually does give a quick boost to ones ego or confidence. Whether it’s the fabulous new shoes that make your girlfriends drool or the new car that outshines your neighbour’s there can be a momentary burst of positive feeling from material things.

But it doesn’t last.

What Minimalism Is and Isn't

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