Seeking Progress Not Perfection

Hello Lovelies!

At its root, this blog is about our journey to improve ourselves and get the most out of our lives. We want to make progress. In striving for that we’ve done a lot of self reflection on what’s been hindering us from achieving our goals. What comes up time and time again for me is perfectionism.

Sufferers of perfectionism will convince themselves that it’s a good thing, and in some ways it can be. There’s nothing wrong with striving to be better at things, to improve yourself and your skills. Those are worthwhile goals.

The problem is that striving for perfection rather than striving for progress sets us up for failure.

Becoming educated about and proficient at any task, skill or habit takes time. It takes practice and it takes dedication. And guess what? We will never be perfect right away, we will always make mistakes, trip up and do something wrong. And guess what else? That’s perfectly OK!

Seeking Progress Not Perfection

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