Your Guide to Egg Labels – What the Ethical Shopper Needs to Know

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Here at Oak & Soul we’re big on living a more intentional lifestyle. To us, a big part of making intentional choices is learning about where our food comes from. Not just to benefit ourselves as consumers (healthier food, no artificial ingredients, organically produced etc.) but to ensure that we’re not supporting animal farming practices that we believe are inhumane.

Eggs are a common item on most families grocery lists and the vast majority of eggs produced come from high intensity, factory like farms. The chickens that produce those eggs are subject to some of the worst animal welfare conditions I can think of.

As people have become more conscious of the conditions these birds are raised in, alternatives have become much more common. Eggs labelled “cage free”, “free range”, “comfort cage” or “farm fresh” are readily available for consumers looking to make better choices, but do you know what all those different labels actually mean?

Whether you’re shopping for eggs from happy hens, or are looking to get the added nutritional benefits of naturally raised chickens, are you actually getting what you think you’re getting?

Let’s explore the egg industry a bit…

Your Guide to Egg Labels

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