Why You Should Try Traveling Solo

Hello Lovelies!

Have you ever considered traveling solo? Do you think the idea is great, but that you could never do it yourself?

I think everyone should travel solo at least once in their lives. Traveling by yourself has a dimension that traveling with a friend, partner or group doesn’t. It has its own challenges for sure, but the experience can be so much richer.

People can be intimidated by heading into unknown territory by themselves and that’s understandable. Really though, you CAN do this! If I can manage it then you can too, promise!

My first solo adventure to South Africa was about eight months in the making and it took a lot of saving, research and planning to put together. Was it worth the hard work? Absolutely yes! The experience gave me back so much more than it cost. It helped me develop a greater sense of confidence and self assurance. It helped me to better understand what I want to accomplish in my career and how I want to prioritize my day to day life.

My Solo Travel Experience

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