5 Things My First Year Of Motherhood Taught Me About Living Life Beautifully



Becoming a mother has been the hardest, most exhausting, humbling, wonderful amazing beautiful experience of my life. It has changed me in so many good ways; slowed me down, taught me patience, taught me compassion for other parents, and now I try to see the world with child-like eyes. Everything is more beautiful and magical and inspiring; it has breathed new life into my adult existence.

Today I’d like to share with you some of the best things my first year of motherhood has taught me. All the sleepless nights are worth the wisdom 🙂

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Stop the Mad Rush to Nowhere

Society is in a constant, endless RUSH and it is causing exhaustion, anxiety and depression to explode world-wide. But we aren’t meant to live this way! Our bodies aren’t meant to be stressed, exhausted and depleted long-term.

Why do I have to let my monkey-mind drag me around left, right, up, down, in circles? It’s exhausting! Making lists, obsessively checking to-do’s, to buys, to think abouts…it’s ENDLESS. I don’t even know if tomorrow will come but I am so engrossed in what it holds that I am not living in my present moment, which is very much real and existing and happening right now.

Stop making lists! Stop making irrelevant to-do’s! Stop putting notes in the calendar!!

So how do we take control of it? How do we calm our shit?

Stop the Mad Rush to Nowhere

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Why We’re Searching for Better Bath and Beauty Products

Hello Lovelies!

We want to take a few minutes to share with you why we’re searching for better bath and beauty products. We’re looking for products with minimal ingredients that are natural, organic and wholesome. We’re looking for products that align with our ethics and don’t harm the environment or wildlife.

Before we talk about the alternatives, let’s understand the problems we have with conventional personal care products.

It basically boils down to three main issues…

// A desire to reduce our exposure to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

// Concern over the environmental impact of certain ingredients.

// The ethical impacts and social responsibility issues surrounding certain ingredients.

Let’s dive right in shall we?

Better Bath and Beauty

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Are You Hurting Your Body Unintentionally?

Hello Lovelies!

I really want to talk to you today about listening to your body when it tells you to SLOW DOWN.

Life is such a mad rush all the time and we’ve been programmed to feel like we have to keep up, but it is such an unsustainable ideal. Our bodies, minds and souls can’t commit to endless activity and energy spending, and if you’re anything like me, your body will hum a gentle reminder that slowly turns into a roar, demanding REST.

Are You Hurting Your Body Unintentionally

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